On this Absolute Beginners sewing machine course you'll learn how to sew with a sewing machine, pin, cut out and sew up a simple cushion cover from our basic paper pattern & then make a pair of pyjama trousers. By the end of the course you'll have practised all the key essential techniques needed for sewing and dressmaking and feel confident using patterns.

- Threading up the machine and bobbin, different stitches, adjusting tension, changing a needle and presser foot

- Cut out your cushion cover inc. how to use patterns, use fabric economically & pin for ease/accuracy of cutting

- Sewing your cushion cover and practising learnt stitch types as you go.

- Choosing which pyjama trouser pattern size to use from your body measurements - adjusting it in advance if needed

- Lay up economically, pin, cut out

- Follow our colour making instructions with your teacher's help to sew up and finish your PJ pants

- Take home your cushion and pj pants and enjoy a cosy Winter.

Tea Break Please help yourself to our tea selection, or coffee, squash or filtered water throughout the class. Feel free to bring snacks.

Lunch Break There will be a 45-60 minute lunch break. If you bring packed lunch you can stay in the breakout area for lunch - although we do recommend getting some fresh air as it will be a long and intense day of sewing!

Whats next? If you want to start making more clothes after this course you could start with a simple skirt, top or dress in our Stitch Classes, or practise a bit more first by making a tote bag or other items in Stitch Classes.