SUNDAY 31 March 2019

Time: 10.30 to 1.00 pm or 2.00pm to 5.00 pm

Cost £32

You might have finally accepted the fact that you'll never be able to cook like your Granny, and you know that you simply haven't been around long enough to have as many amazing stories to tell as she does - but one thing you can successfully do as well as dear Gran is to learn to crochet a granny stripe blanket (similar technique to crochet granny squares).  Or Granny squares. In this workshop we teach you to do both.

Suitable for both beginners and improvers
2.5 hours
Do I Need to Bring Anything:
No you don't, your crochet kit consisting of colourful yarn, a pattern, crochet guide and a crochet hook you take home with you to keep crafting.

All our workshops include unlimited tea, coffee and Mothers Day Treats