Learn To Sew

Beginners Sewing Course

Always wanted to learn how to sew?

These are great classes for super beginners as it covers the basics for you to gain a bit of confidence at the sewing machine and get ready for future projects.

These classes are flexible and you get to choose your own dates.

1 class x 2 hour class is £32.00
Taster class and begin to learn to sew & start making a simple item -( 1 month expiry.)
Or save by buying in blocks:
Or save by buying in blocks:

3 classes £73.50 (Save £16.50; works out at £24.50 per class/£9.80 per hour). Make 1-3 small items; 2 month expiry.

6 classes £137 (Save £43; works out at £22.83 per class/£9.13 per hour). Make a skirt or other medium projects; 3 month expiry.

10 classes £205 (Save £95; works out at £20.50 per class/£8.20 per hour). Make a dress or a range of smaller items; 5 month expiry.

See our regular 'STITCH' classes to book

Learn a variety of skills, gain confidence with .....
- Sewing tools and notions, threads, fabrics and other tips.
- How to choose fabrics.
- Very useful hand sewing stitches.
- THE sewing machine, how to thread a bobbin, thread up the machine and machine stitching!
- How to read a simple pattern and mark up and cut your fabric.
- Pinning, sewing, pockets & straps.

This is a great class to gain some confidence and from here you can progress to following a commercial pattern to make your own clothes, home furnishings etc.
We will offer help and guidance all the way

Absolutely No Previous experience is required.

Buy 3-10 classes to save money, then book dates as you go
You don't need to come every week, or on same day weekly
Focus on getting stuff sewn in a fun, productive, welcoming space

Use our sewing machines or bring your own & we'll help you use it
You'll rarely be waiting for help as only 5 sewing students max per class
Expert support: knowlegeable, fun, friendly & patient sewing teacher

Please feel free to bring your own machine if you need help or use one of ours.