Essential Sewing Skills Part 1

Essential Sewing Skills Part 1

If you have completed our Introduction to Machine Sewing Part 1 class or if you can already use a sewing machine but want to develop your technical skills further, it's time for the next step. During this 3 hour session you will accomplish all the essential processes that you need to know in order to start making clothes. In class you will practise an array of techniques and produce a small scale project from calico as well as a few separate test samples.

Level: This is a Beginner Plus class, you must have used a sewing machine before.

Class time : 3 hours
Cost : £65
Limited to 2 spaces per class

In this class you will learn the following techniques:

Lay and cut a pattern
Transferring pattern notations to the fabric
Notches, grain line and seam allowance
Sew a casing
Insert an a zip
Finishing edges (zig zag and turned under)
Gathering (and gathering with elastic)
Mastering these essential skills will give you the confidence to start more advanced sewing projects and will give you a good foundation and skill set to to begin making up both mens and womens garments using level 1 (easy) commercial dressmaking patterns.

Materials: Materials are provided. You will make a Drawstring Bag which will put all the above skills into practise.

If you would like to learn to sew on your own machine, please notify in advance via email.Please note we can only accept machines that are less than 10 years old.
Please note that the "Hobbycraft MIDI sewing machine i (or similar model ) is NOT suitable for this class. If in doubt , please get in touch.

Please bring with you: A sewing machine and scissors will be allocated to you. We also recommend you bring with you, small tools such as pins, a tape measure, unpicker, needles, and thread snips.

What Next?

The skills learnt in this course provide a perfect jump board to begin to make garments. If you enjoyed focussing on skills based learning we offer follow on Part 2 and Part 3 (coming soon) Essential Skills classes.