Young Makers Sewing Workshops

Young Makers Sewing Workshops

Tuesday 9th October 2018

Since running a successful run of courses for young people throughout the Summer Holiday Period. I have been asked to,run regular classes for younger makers .

This series of 10 workshops gives youngsters who either sew with a machine or would like to learn the opportunity to work in a creative space with an experienced teacher.

Beginners will start by making a bookmark on week one and an envelope cushion on weeks two and three. During this time, you will be shown simple machining techniques supported by the tutor. You will soon learn to sew in a straight line, pivot at corners, top stitch and sew seams. Once completed, you will be given guidance and materials to choose an individual project such as a simple item of clothing or something functional to sew. As the weeks progress, machining and sewing skills will continue to be introduced.

For those students who have attended previously or who have more experience, once a quick refresh of skills has been carried out, again they can choose a project which extends their skills and experiences.

What you will learn: (depending on ability)

Threading and using a sewing machine

Sewing in a straight line

Seam allowance

Top stitching

Pivoting at corners

Finishing seams

Pattern layout, marking and cutting

Different requirements for working with different types of fabric

Following instructions towards completing a selected sewing project

What you will need:

A sewing machine and sewing kit. If you don't have these, please let us know and these can be booked from us in advance

Ideas/instructions/patterns for projects suited to the level you sew at.


9 years+


10 hours at 4.15 - 5.15

The dates for the next term run from Tuesday 16 October through to the end of December . Classes are flexible if you wish and you an choose your own Tuesdays and or Thursday dates so you never miss out. ( Cancellations made with less than 24 Hours will be charged for)

Please note, we try to calculate how long a workshop will be and plan to finish each item or items in the allocated time but this is not always possible. If you are unable to finish in the allocated time, we will make sure that you are confident to complete it at home.

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