Am I allowed to say the ‘C’ Word ?

Am I allowed to say the 'C' Word ?

Friday 14th June 2019

It's the middle of June, JUNE, (though admittedly the weather doesn't feel like it), and I saw my first 'Book Your Christmas Lunch Here' brochure in a restaurant today.

IT'S JUNE! It's not even close to being time to start thinking about Christmas lunch, though obviously people do think about Christmas in June, or restaurants wouldn't advertise it.

Maybe they are the same organised people who buy all their Christmas presents and cards and wrapping paper for the next Christmas in the January sales and then smugly ask you around the end of September if you've finished doing all your Christmas wrapping. It's possible that I am actually very jealous of these people's organisational skills. I tried buying all the Christmas presents in the January sales once, and carefully put them In A Very Safe Place and then of course couldn't find them when Christmas finally came around, so I had to buy more
, and when they finally turned up three years later, they were no longer relevant !!

Anyway, the other much more exciting (for for me anyway) is that this year I have decided to get organised, to plan my Christmas Gifts, to make as many as possible , save as much as I can, (As ever, before I know it, it will be Christmas and I will be having a panicked meltdown about whether we have enough tinfoil and in what Very Safe Place did I stash the stocking fillers?)

If you would like to feel like an organised person, even if you are not quite organised enough to start planning Christmas in June, I will be adding some Christmas Workshops, Making gifts, decorations, recyclable gift bags etc over the coming weeks, so if you would like to kick start your Christmas and get organised too, then keep a lookout for these workshops ( happening in October and November) , as of previous years, Christmas Workshops get booked quickly and as some of you will know my studio will only take a few pupils at a time.