Have a Ball  - Classes at home!

Have a Ball - Classes at home!

Monday 24th June 2019

I love teaching and offer classes tailored to suit your needs.  My mantra is KISS - keep it simple, sweetie, and I really believe in using simple techniques to create stunning results.  
You do not always need to come to me...I can come to,you !
You can arrange a workshop in a venue of your choosing
You might be a group of friends or a long-established sewing group, maybe a WI or craft group - whoever you are, I can bring one of my workshops to you.  You organise the venue and I'll bring the inspiration!  
Perhaps you would like to join one of my day or weekend workshops.  These focus on a specific skill or project.   

If you are looking for a weekly class, then join one of my termly half-day  courses in Central Cardiff, easy and free to park right outside or a 6 minute walk from Cardiff Central Station.Choose from Beginners or those with some experience.  
Dressmaking Classes do assume a basic knowledge of sewing with a machine but if you are not at that point (yet!) then consider my occasional Absolute Beginners Classes