Piped Cushion Workshop


Make a beautifully finished piped cushion.
In this 3 hour class you will learn to make bias binding
Create Piping and how to attach it to your cushion.
Insert a zip

You will leave with a beautifully finished cushion to be proud of, and the skills to make lots more. Armed with this knowledge you will be desperate to get home and make more to match your furnishings. We'll show how to make a piped cushion with a zip fastening and talk you through how to make box cushions. In addition you will discover ways to embellish your cushions including using applique and corsages.

The topics we aim to cover are:

Correct measuring of cushion pad to get that perfect finish
Marking of fabric and cutting
How to produce perfect corners
How to use and insert piping
How to insert a zip
Embellishing your cushion
Materials needed:

A square or rectangle cushion pad 40cm
A zip - approx. the width of your cushion pad 40cm (concealed or normal)
Fabric - enough to cover front and back of your cushion with seam allowances. The fabric should be cotton medium weight. 50cm
Piping cord - enough to go round the cushion pad 180cm
Pre-cut bias binding tape in a contrast colour - enough to go all the way round your cushion, or 50cm plain fabric
Reel of thread to match
We have sewing machines for you to use but if you would like to bring your own please advise us at the time of booking.