Sunday Morning Sewing Sessions


Classes are available every Sunday 10.00am to 12.00 pm
Choose and pay for your class options.
Contact 07909111240 or email. to book your Sundays

Beginners Welcome

Ideal for Improvers

Work on your own individual project

Flexible Class Dates

If the Great British Sewing Bee has inspired you to sew, our Sunday Workshop Sessions are a great way to getting your sewing mojo on.

Whether you are Beginner or looking to,brush up,your skill, get inspired, learn new tricks or work on a specific project. Our Sunday morning workshops are the ideal opportunity.

Central Cardiff, Easy parking right outside
10.00 am to 12.00pm

These classes are flcdexible and you get to choose your own dates.

1 class x 2 hour class is £32.00
Taster class and begin to learn to sew & start making a simple item -( 1 month expiry.)
Or save by buying in blocks:
Or save by buying in blocks:

3 classes £73.50 (Save £16.50; works out at £24.50 per class/£9.80 per hour). Make 1-3 small items; 2 month expiry.

6 classes £137 (Save £43; works out at £22.83 per class/£9.13 per hour). Make a skirt or other medium projects; 3 month expiry.

10 classes £205 (Save £95; works out at £20.50 per class/£8.20 per hour). Make a dress or a range of smaller items; 5 month expiry.