At last...sooo much to do, set up workshop, advertise classes, teach classes, social media, buy stock, teach classes, social media , buy more stock, answer msg...but hereI am 2 months from start of business ! Thank you everyone , for your support. Been a great 2 months and thankfully 2017 looking good. Already made so many friends and got a load of you on your creative way to success - keep up,the good work!
I am so grateful to you and your support , love and share your successes, but most of all , since going it alone, tomorrow night I celebrate my very own " staff "do", Hurrah
No longer , for me , single person of a certain age , do I have to endure I appropriate advances from drunken colleages, feel uncomfortable at being without a partner, pretend I'm having a good time or turn a blind eye to inappropriate subordinates behaviour........on my very own staff do, I shall open a bottle of Prosecco, eat a lovely home cooked. Steak, fab bottle of wine and watch Strictly without interruption.

Thank you so much everyone who has joined mr in my indeavour to make The Little Sewing Works a success . BIG Hugs to you all

Sew a Pretty Little Drawstring Pouch and Re useable Make up Pads

Monday 28th November 2022

Following on from my recent post regarding sewing pretty little fabric drawstring gift pouches, which incidentally has now become addictive as not only are they fun to make but…

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Keep Calm and Crochet

Monday 18th April 2022

Crochet is so popular right now maybe its because its been suggested that Knitting and Crochet Relieve Depression Depression relief is by far the most reported and studied benefit…

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We’ve Moved, We’re Back !

Saturday 3rd October 2020

These are crazy times, and after a loooog time in shut down, I'm happy to say we've started back ( very gently) and it's been lovely seeing pupils again…

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Strange times

Saturday 28th March 2020

Thank you to all you lovely people who have sent me photos of their makes and work in progress this week it's really a very strange time, and I'm…

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Sew Slow, quick quick slow

Saturday 29th February 2020

Slow Sewing....taking it sewley ...oops I mean slowly..... So often as life is, my pupils are in a rush. Most recently we've coincidentally had a few opportunities to slow it down…

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Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

Friday 14th February 2020

Most recently I was persuaded to try out Sarah Peels, lovely Luna Lapin, reluctantly, I embarked on what I thought would be a long arduous and fiddly…

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Happy New Year! ( I know I’m late!)

Thursday 23rd January 2020

Hi Everyone, Apologies for the late 'Happy New Year' ,the first month is nearly over already and here I am with my first blog of the year! ( I…

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Sign the Pledge This January

Saturday 14th December 2019

It will be a January long pledge for people to sign up to avoid the January sales and not buy any new clothes during the whole month and to…

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A Bag for All Reasons

Thursday 21st November 2019

I'm excited to introduce a new bag - everyone loves a bag. I have been seeking a good strong robust bag pattern for a while and most recently this…

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Crochet So Theraputic

Thursday 31st October 2019

Learn to crochet ... it's the best ! Simple but True

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